Vynka Hallam (August 2020)

This August Studio Direct presented the works of Sydney-based artist Vynka Hallam, whose works encapsulate in paint the feelings that Australians have for coastal life.

Vynka Hallam’s works celebrate exaggerated colour and perspectives, intentionally exposing brush marks and paint drips to show signs of the hand made and contribute to the visual environment of her works. Vynka focuses on capturing light and subjects from unusual perspectives, believing in the honesty of the imperfect. Subjects are a diverse fusion of personal travels and experiences along with memories and encounters with special individuals.

“I find moments that inspire me, endeavour to capture them and translate it into my art so my audience can experience it as well. My artworks resonate with the insinuated natural beauty of experience and place, they also echo my affection and gratitude to the fundamentals of art in its entirety.”  ~Vynka Hallam, 2020.

A successful showing in our Surry Hills gallery, Vynka’s works from this exhibition are now sold out.

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