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Meg Walters is an emerging artist interested in the relationship between memory and identity. Through her upbringing in Bermuda and Canada, and now residing in Australia, she has developed a hybrid perspective towards the world and her place in it. This outlook encompasses psychological narratives, a natural connection to place and the elusive space between dreams. Her wistful landscape paintings occasionally include fragments of figure. These figures reference her often isolated and displaced sense of self in the world. Washes of oil paint are applied expressively and with purpose, layering memories and stories to invoke a lyrical atmosphere. The first layers are built up transparently, inspired from photographs and sketches gathered from the location. Walters is interested in the abstraction that occurs when unifying multiple images in a single painting. Colours are chosen not for their accuracy, but for their emotive qualities. 

Online and on view at Michael Reid Northern Beaches from Thursday 5th November 2020.