Tym Yee

Tym Yee is an emerging artist based in Sydney, Australia. He uses expressive marks of oil paint to explore and document simultaneous moments of movement and stillness in the Australian landscape. Yee is currently completing a PhD at Macquarie University, researching how art-making can form part of a scholarly research methodology. In 2020 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship at Parliament House to pursue developing his creative practice methodology at Harvard University.

“This collection of paintings continues my exploration of the Australian landscape as a place of simultaneous stillness and movement. The loose brushwork aims to place the viewer firmly in the familiar and uniquely Australian outdoor sensorium of rustling bush, lapping water and tingling winds, while the pink hues and streaking skies evoke the feeling that the day is coming to its natural close. The effect I hope to create is a soft tension between the inevitable passage of time and the feeling that the world is staying precisely still. I hope the viewer will be fascinated by the marks of oil paint on canvas, but also that this simultaneity of movement and stillness will prompt their mind will wander through thoughts about life changing but staying the same, chapters closing and beginning again, and nature’s eternity holding time to account”.

  • Tym Yee
    Mind Matter, 2020

    23 × 31 cm
  • Tym Yee
    Fire Sky, 2020

    31 × 23 cm

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