Sally Joubert

Sally Joubert is a Melbourne based artist has re-imagined the urban landscape in her own distinctive style, mixing urban streetscapes & familiar architectural iconography.

“The stimulation of modern life is endless. However it is the power of shapes, colour and light in nature that compel me to stop, take note and interpret”.

Sally is compelled to paints to produce works that become a positive and living entity in someone’s home, something that will transport you elsewhere even if it’s for a fleeting moment.

She is inspired by all landscapes and their colours, but also often by the juxtaposition of manmade objects within that landscape be it a road, boat, water tank or pier. If there is no manmade structure, she might add a figure or animal. She is forever with her camera (now iPhone) to hand and she is constantly taking photos of anything that catches her eye.

I have so many paintings I want to do but it’s finding the time to do them all! I work in oil on canvas or linen with a palette knife after sketching up the main idea with a brush and place the paint directly onto the canvas wet on wet with a knife and work the paint until it dries.”

Sally Joubert was a finalist in the 2019 Salon des Refuses, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney
and previous placed as Finalist in the Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Hobart (2015)
and Paddington Art Prize, Sydney (2011, 2008)

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