Neil Williams

“Currently painting ‘historic landscapes’.Utilising references including historical accounts, historical imagery and Google earth, I’ve been mapping our pioneers buildings and recreating in their landscape. In the these new works the building has become the hero, I’ve stripped the landscape to focus on the built form. By default these become archives of the past providing historical reference for the future.”

Neil exhibited in several group/duo shows in Melbourne up to around 2004, at which time he moved to the Mornington Peninsula and focused on family and other work, practising his art in between. In 2011 he opened a ‘Collective’ Gallery space in Flinders, and has exhibited and run that ever since. This space has allowed Neil to develop his practice to a point that he is now looking at pushing his art career further afield.

  • Neil Williams
    Grey Roof, 2019

    53.5 × 53.5 cm

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