Katie Eraser

For Narrm-based contemporary artist Katie Eraser, emotion is at the core of how art conveys our experience of being in the world. Her work is strewn with private and embodied expressions of lust, loss, and longing, which speaks to her lived experience, and queer ideology. Eraser imbues abstract erotic imagery with musings of flowers, female and non-binary bodies, and fruit.

Interested in expressing language and conversation with significant peers within her works, each can be viewed as a record of the intricacy and liberation of living queer. Distinct and divergent dialogues play out across the canvas, the intuitive and deliberate strokes clashing with unconscious mark making to distill a deep tension within. It is in the desire of her marks, and the passion of the colours, that we can proclaim the freedom to celebrate the intensity and complexity of queer love, queer life and ultimately the undulating journey of being loud and being seen. The viewer is drawn into a world of sensations and emotions playing out in space, across medias of painting, textile and sculpture.

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