Bethany Saab

Emerging Canberra-based artist Bethany Saab came to painting only recently, finding the impetus in mid 2020 to put her work out into the world for the very first time. Bethany was exposed to art early, watching her late mother, Anne, paint landscapes in oils in her home studio in central Australia. Anne’s brushes and palette knives form part of Bethany’s tools for work.

Bethany’s paintings are lively and unassuming, depicting colourful and patterned scenes of domestic still life. Originally training as a psychologist, Bethany has been practicing in mental health for over a decade and in recent years has become a self-taught floral designer as one half of Wagga Wagga based micro flower farm and studio florist, Little Triffids Flowers. She now divides her time amongst the three pursuits.

Just like her time working with flowers, Bethany’s paintings are the product of untrained creative practice and instinctive awareness of colour and form. Bethany embraces her detail-oriented nature in her work and combines various methods in a single piece, giving away her nontechnical approach.

Working predominantly in acrylic, Bethany paints commissioned pieces and works for exhibition.

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