Alizon Gray

Alizon Gray has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize, ANL Mission to Seafarers Prize, Musswellbrook Art Prize, and mCollection Award. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘seeking silence’ at Boom Gallery, ‘slippery slope’ at Sawtooth, ‘alaska’ at Rubicon, and ‘one hundred & eighty days’ at Five Walls. Her work has been included in many group exhibitions, and has work in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.

“I see my paintings as illusory landscapes where the landscape emerges as an imagined place, or the in-between space that connects memory and place rather than representing somewhere specific. Through layers of various marks and veils of paint I hope to build an image that cannot be understood in a simple glance. The various paint marks aren’t representative of anything in particular. Instead, like points on a map, they guide toward the memory of a place and will resonate differently for each person that encounters them.

The works painted for ‘heart of snow’ at MRNB were made in 2020 during Melbourne’s extreme lock down period. On a personal level, painting during this time allowed me to create my own space beyond the limits of the newly imposed borders. Usually I don’t listen to music when I paint, but this year music has made its way into the studio and since then I have rarely turned it off. The titles for the works in this exhibition are drawn from some of the songs that were played on repeat and led me to reflect on my own time outside of city limits and within a more spatial landscape (either through their lyrics or titles).”

EXHIBITION: ‘heart of snow’ part of Summer Salon – January 2021

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